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Sinclair Labels have been manufacturing superior quality, fresh food safe fruit stickers and fruit labels that are used in high-speed applications since 1982. Their first compostable fruit sticker EcoLabel® was launched in 2014, and in 2019, they launched the world’s first OK compost-certified label. Today, Sinclair Labels have a range of industrial and home compostable fruit label solutions that meet global legislative and packaging standard requirements.


Naturpac* is proud to be the exclusive distributor for the Sinclair EcoLabel® , in Australia and New Zealand.

As the sole licensee, we offer a comprehensive range of Sinclair EcoLabel® fruit sticker products designed to meet the diverse needs of the fresh food industry.

MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITIES: Naturpac offers low minimum order quantities of Sinclair EcoLabel® fruit stickers packaging for customers with starting orders or running smaller operations.

APCO PREP TOOL: Naturpac has all the information needed in relation to the APCO prep tool for Sinclair EcoLabel® fruit stickers. Contact us to find out if this product is suitable for your retailer specifications.

INTERESTED TO MAKE THE CHANGE?: If you are interested to look at transitioning your packaging to the Sinclair fruit stickers EcoLabel® range, we have options available to help minimise the cost implications.




Sinclair International is a global leader in the production of food-safe fresh produce labels, fruit stickers and labeling equipment, enabling packers and shippers to showcase their brand identity and stand out in the market.

Headquartered in Fresno, California, and Norwich, England, Sinclair operates nine label-manufacturing sites worldwide, with their advanced labeling systems installed in over 45 countries.

Sinclair fruit stickers and fruit labels are unsurpassed, comprised of micro-thin material that is food-safe and complies with requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union (EU).

With a portfolio of more than 79 issued patents, Sinclair take pride in product excellence. They  are the disruptors in the produce labeling sector and have commercialised many product innovations such as Sinclair Tab-Lift®, Sinclair Peel & Reveal®, Sinclair Print on Demand®, the Sinclair Compact Pattern Labeller™, and the groundbreaking RM6 with its game-changing rotary head and bellows label application system.

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Sinclair EcoLabel®  fruit stickers are renowned for their sustainability and performance, ensuring that your fresh produce stands out while maintaining environmental responsibility. With Naturpac, you can trust that you are receiving high-quality, sustainable fruit stickers that support your commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Fruit Stickers ‘OK Compost Certified’

Fruit sticker performance is paramount. From initial application, to cold-store, through supply chain, to the retailers’ shelves and on disposal by consumers. Sinclair EcoLabel® compostable fruit sticker solutions are all ‘OK compost’ certified so you can trust end-of-life eco-friendly performance.

All compostable label solutions are certified, so you can trust their performance even at the end of their lifecycle.

Additional Information

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Sinclair Labels History

More than three decades ago, when Sinclair was founded in Norwich, England, the majority of produce branding was on the box. Individual fruits and vegetables had no identity. Sinclair then decided it was time to give fruits and vegetables the branding they deserve. As a result, they pioneered the development of patented technology in automatic high-speed fruit-labelling systems for individual pieces of fresh produce — often running at 12 fruit per second.

Innovation is at the core of their business and Sinclair have been developing sustainable, food-safe label solutions since the 2000’s. They offer the widest range of eco-friendly fruit stickers designed for automated, high-speed application and to perform in the challenging packinghouse environment.

Sinclair  have been pioneering fruit stickers for automated, high-speed applications to the highest quality standards since 1982. Their  teams manage your label design and label production using state-of-the-art printing facilities in-house to ensure full control of the process and quality.

Innovation Awards

Sinclair EcoLabel® has been nominated for a Fruit Logistica 2020 Innovation Award. “The nomination recognises the significance of a having fully compostable fresh produce label available for our customers and our industry,” according to the company.

A minimal fresh produce packaging solution, Sinclair EcoLabel is independently certified compostable by TÜV AUSTRIA under OK compost – Industrial and Seedling certification schemes. The certification also demonstrates compliance with EN13432:2000, the European packaging standard for compostable and
biodegradable packaging.

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*Naturpac is a subsidiary of J-Tech Systems Pty Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the Jenkins Group