Xtend® Modified Atmosphere Packaging

This is modified atmosphere packaging (MA) and modified humidity (MH) packaging for bulk produce at it’s best.
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Welcome to StePac’s innovative Xtend range, available exclusively through Naturpac Ecopackaging. StePac Xtend is at the forefront of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and modified humidity packaging (MHP) solutions for bulk produce. This state-of-the-art packaging technology is designed to extend the shelf life, retain the freshness, and reduce the microbial decay of fresh produce, making it the perfect choice for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging needs in Australia and New Zealand.

Xtend® at a Glance

This is modified atmosphere (MA) and modified humidity (MH) packaging for bulk produce at its best.

That’s because Xtend® reduces weight loss as it slows the respiration and the aging process of more than 60 different varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs.  As well as all that, it minimises the microbial decay of fresh produce keeping it fresher for longer, which is ideal for packaging bulk produce.

Xtend packaging is customised for each type of fresh produce and supply chain conditions and is available in a wide range of formats including carton liners, bin liners and pallets shrouds PLUS, there’s options available for bulk automated packaging lines.

  • Products for over 60 different produce varieties
  • Carton liners, bin liners and pallet shrouds
  • Slows respiration and produce aging


Extended Shelf Life

StePac Xtend modified atmosphere packaging significantly extends the shelf life of fresh produce by slowing down respiration and the aging process. This helps in reducing food waste and maintaining product quality over longer periods.

Customisable Packaging

Xtend modified atmosphere packaging is tailored for each type of produce and supply chain condition. It is available in various formats, including carton liners, bin liners, and pallet shrouds, ensuring optimal protection and freshness for each specific produce type.

Wide Range of Applications

Ideal for a variety of fruits and vegetables such as Apples, Asparagus, Broccoli, Cherries, Kiwifruit, Lemons, Limes, Mandarins, Nectarines, Plums, and Stone fruits. Xtend packaging ensures these products retain their organoleptic properties, including taste, texture, and smell.


StePac Xtend modified atmosphere packaging is an ecofriendly solution, designed to minimise environmental impact. It is part of Naturpac’s commitment to providing recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable packaging solutions to the Australian and New Zealand fresh produce markets.


Naturpac* is the exclusive distributor of StePac modified atmosphere packaging products in Australia and New Zealand.

INTERESTED TO MAKE THE CHANGE?: If you are interested to look at transitioning your packaging to the StePac modified atmosphere packaging range, we have options available to help minimise the cost implications.




Patented Film Technology

Xtend’s patented films have varying water vapour transmission rates, allowing for precise regulation of the modified atmosphere properties needed to extend the shelf life of different types of produce.

Formats Available

Xtend packaging can be converted into carton liners, bin liners, or pallet shrouds, providing versatile options for different bulk packaging needs.

Condensation Control

Excellent condensation control properties help in maintaining the quality and appearance of fresh produce during storage and shipment.

Xtend patented films are produced with varying water vapour transmission rates. The film permeability is regulated to provide the desired modified atmosphere properties for extending the shelf life of the specific fresh produce type.  The packaging films are then converted into a carton liner, bin liner or pallet shroud.


Extended Freshness: Xtend modified atmosphere packaging keeps fruits, vegetables, and herbs fresher for longer by slowing down the respiration and aging processes. This is crucial for maintaining the produce’s quality during long-term or long-distance shipments.

Reduced Microbial Decay: The packaging inhibits microbial growth, reducing spoilage and waste. This ensures that the produce remains safe and healthy for consumption for an extended period.

Decreased Weight Loss: By reducing dehydration and shriveling, Xtend packaging minimizes weight loss during storage and shipment, preserving the produce’s market value.

Enhanced Quality: Xtend packaging preserves the organoleptic properties of produce, ensuring that the taste, texture, and smell are retained, enhancing the consumer’s experience.

Increased Profit Margins: By extending the shelf life and reducing waste, Xtend packaging helps in managing supply chain efficiencies, leading to increased profit margins for producers and retailers.

StePac Xtend Xflow Xgo modified atmosphere packaging

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The Xtend modified atmosphere packaging range from Stepac are fully recyclable and meet the criteria of our Naturpac Bronze Standard packaging range.

StePac Xtend’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its advanced packaging solutions that support environmental goals.

In Australia, the focus on reducing plastic waste is paramount, with initiatives such as the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) aiming for 100% of packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025.

Xtend modified atmosphere packaging contributes to these goals by offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic packaging, helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Plant physiology and pathology key for Modified Atmosphere Packaging

StePac have post-harvest scientists working closely with polymer and packaging engineers, in consultation with their growers and wider customer group to design the optimal packaging solution for each application.

The Xtend range is just one in a broad range of films and modified atmosphere packaging formats with varying water vapor transmission rates (WVTR). The film selected for any application is dependent on factors such as:

  • Respiration Rate
  • Moisture sensitivity
  • Dehydration sensitivity
  • Supply chain length
  • Supply chain conditions
  • Surface-area-to-volume ratio
  • Packaging Format

StePac Packaging

Naturpac proudly distributes StePac packaging, a leading brand in innovative sustainable packaging solutions for fresh produce. StePac’s advanced technologies ensure optimal freshness and extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, thereby reducing waste and enhancing efficiency in the supply chain. With a focus on sustainability, StePac’s products are designed to meet the highest standards of food safety and environmental responsibility, making it the preferred choice for conscientious growers, packers and retailers.

Additional Information

Industry Advantages

Expand Market Reach

With the ability to extend the shelf life of produce, Xtend packaging allows for long-term and long-distance shipments, opening up new markets and expanding distribution capabilities.

Manage Seasonal Gluts

Xtend packaging helps in managing seasonal overproduction by enabling post-harvest bulk storage, allowing producers to supply upon demand and avoid market saturation.

Maintain Quality

The advanced technology ensures that each fruit retains its organoleptic properties, making Xtend packaging an excellent choice for premium quality produce.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Almost Every Category

StePac Xtend modified atmosphere packaging is ideal for a wide range of fresh produce categories and applications. Here are some examples of how Xtend can be used effectively:

Apples and Asparagus

The modified atmosphere packaging helps in reducing respiration and aging, keeping apples and asparagus fresh and crisp for extended periods.

Broccoli and Cherries

Xtend packaging minimizes microbial decay and dehydration, preserving the quality and taste of broccoli and cherries during transportation and storage.


The packaging’s excellent condensation control ensures that kiwifruit remains fresh and visually appealing to consumers.

Mandarins, Lemons & Oranges

By reducing weight loss and preventing shriveling, Xtend packaging maintains the juiciness and texture of mandarins, lemons, oranges and almost all citrus fruit.

Plums, Nectarines, Apricots and Other StoneFruits

Xtend packaging is particularly beneficial for stone fruits, preserving their delicate structure and extending their shelf life.


*Naturpac is a subsidiary of J-Tech Systems Pty Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the Jenkins Group


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