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Infia packaging is manufactured from 100% RPET. Infia is a leading company in the fresh fruit and vegetable packaging sector around the world, present in five continents and in over 80 countries. Natupac and its subsidiaries are the sole distributor for Infia ecopacking in Austtralia and New Zealand.


Naturpac* is proud to be the sole distributor for the INFIA packaging range in Australia and New Zealand.

As the exclusive licensee, we offer a comprehensive selection of INFIA packaging products designed to meet the diverse needs of the fresh food industry.

Exclusive Rights and Flexibility We hold exclusive licensed rights for all INFIA packaging products, allowing us to provide our customers with unparalleled access to innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITIES: Naturpac offers low minimum order quantities of Infia packaging for customers with starting orders or running smaller operations.

APCO PREP TOOL: Naturpac has all the information needed in relation to the APCO prep tool for INFIA packaging. Contact us to find out if this product is suitable for your retailer specifications.

INTERESTED TO MAKE THE CHANGE?: If you are interested to look at transitioning your packaging to the INFIA packaging range, we have options available to help minimise the cost implications.




Infia’s range of products consist of of over 1,500 items for the fruit and vegetable market, with over 3 billion pieces produced every year.

From the very beginning, its production has been focused on the creation of innovative packaging that could represent an effective and winning solution to emerging requirements in packaging, protection and enhancement of fruit and vegetable produce.

With more than 70 years of experience, Infia packaging is present in almost 80 countries and has been investing for years in converting its production plants, in order to use post-consumer materials in replacement of virgin materials. Today, it is the only company in the field on the world stage, that offers recycled material supply to its customers, according to their needs and without any limit of quantity, thanks to the coverage of all its productive capacity with RPET.

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What is RPET?

RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is a food-safe raw material made from empty PET packaging that has been collected and prepared for recycling.

Infia RPET packaging provides a type of packaging that has the same transparency and resistance as the one obtained from virgin raw material and that, at the same time, guarantees perfect sustainability at every level, dramatically reducing the environmental impact.

Infia packaging has achieved authorisation of its “Supercleaning Process” with the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). Therefore, Infia can operate with its authorised internal recycle process in order to guarantee finished products obtained from recycled, safe and sustainable material, with benefits in terms of energy, use of the resources and gas emissions.

RPET is the latest innovation of the “INFIA 4 Earth” project. The project has been undertaken by the company in the last few years, to adjust all the business processes to the principles of sustainability, both in terms of energy savings and reduction of waste throughout the food chain, of which packaging can be a considerable support when it can combine its role as cluster with the one of protection tool for food. All of this is done by paying specific attention to the innovation of the products, both from a functional and an aesthetic point of view, always in compliance with traceability and food safety.

Infia packaging sustainability credentials

INFIA packaging sustainability accreditations

In Australia, food waste is a significant issue, particularly for fresh fruits and vegetables. Here are some key statistics:

Annual Food Waste

Australians waste around 7.6 million tonnes of food each year, costing the economy approximately AUD 36.6 billion annually​ (CSIRO)​​ (Accumulate Australia)​.

Household Waste

Households contribute a significant portion, with an average family throwing away $1,036 worth of food annually​ (Accumulate Australia)​.

Fruit and Vegetable Waste

Fresh produce makes up approximately 33% of all food waste in Australian homes​ (GITNUX)​. This equates to roughly 2.5 million tonnes of biowaste from fruits and vegetables each year​ (​.

Environmental Impact

Food waste in Australia contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, with over 9 million tonnes of CO2 produced annually from decomposing food waste​ (GITNUX)​.

On-Farm Waste

Up to 25% of fruits and vegetables produced in Australia never leave the farm, often due to cosmetic standards, market prices, or logistical issues​ (​.

Effective packaging plays a crucial role in maintaining the freshness of fruits and vegetables, thereby reducing waste from the point of sale to the consumer’s table. This has been recognised by both the UN, APCO and the Australian and global Community.

At Naturpac, we are committed to partnering with innovative packaging manufacturers with fresh produce packaging that enhances shelf life and reduces food waste. Our INFIA packaging baskets with “F” side ventilation are a testament to this commitment, designed to improve the longevity of fresh produce.

By reducing waste, we not only prevent economic losses for growers, but also pack houses and retailers and contribute to the sustainable development of our industry.

Additional Information

INFIA Packaging with grape punnets, strawberry punnets and berries punnets

INFIA 100% RPET Products

We have four product types in our Infia 100% RPET range:

Infia 100% RPET Trays

Trays of every size and shape for all types of fresh produce and all made from 100% R-PET. Now that is great news for the environment.

Infia 100% RPET Lids

There are lids listed here that will suit every size, style and shape of punnet that you can imagine and all made of 100% R-PET.

Infia 100% RPET Clamshells

Here’s the answer for every size, style and shape of clamshell that’s needed and our clamshells stay closed. And best of all, they’re made of 100% R-PET so they’re better for the environment.

Infia 100% RPET Punnets

We’ve got 100% R-PET punnets for every type of produce whether large or small, plus we’ve got punnets that actually breathe.

INFIA Packaging Brand History

They are a pioneer in the industry when it comes to innovation of goods and services, its history dates from the late 1940s, in the heart of Romagna, where the business was developed.

Thanks to an organised sales network on all five continents and consolidated partnerships worldwide, today Infia is the leading fruit and vegetable plastic packaging producer in Europe and one of the leading producers in this sector worldwide.

During 2017, the German group Klöckner Pentaplast, working in the production of plastic films for packaging, merged with the British Linpac Group of which Infia was part, this means that today Infia is part of multinational KP present all over the world with 32 sites productive, 6,300 employees and over 2 Billion in turnover.

Infia has recently made another important breakthrough towards innovation and growth. The company has finalised the acquisition of the former “Glasspack” premises and, in doing so, the company’s RPET and PET production site will expand to more than 70.000 sq. of covered area.

In over 70 years of history, Infia has always distinguished itself around the world for its continuous push towards innovation, which led it to become one of the first companies to invest in new materials such as PET.

Respect for the environment and reduction of food waste are founding values of the company’s mission: the new patented side ventilation system utilised in its punnets allows produce to remain fresh longer and reduces waste, while the internal decontamination process of RPET considerably limits impact in terms of CO2 emissions.

The company’s success is based on the fundamental role played by its human resources. These are the people who through their enthusiasm, expertise and strong vocation for customer satisfaction have enabled Infia to become the first group around the world to contact when looking for fresh fruit and vegetable packaging.

*Naturpac is a subsidiary of J-Tech Systems Pty Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the Jenkins Group