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Naturpac delivers environmentally friendly packaging for a better earth

Naturpac is leading the Australian and New Zealand Markets for ethical packaging, including recyclable, biodegradable and compostable standards.

As a world we are obligated to reduce plastics consumption and to find alternatives.

Naturpac is working with the world’s leading innovators to offer choices that are recyclable, biodegradable, and ultimately compostable.

Our brand defines the benchmark for these across three tiers. And its accompanying seal of approval gives consumers piece of mind that they are choosing packaging For a Better Earth.

Our Range

Naturpac sets the standard for change in ethical packaging. We are all on a journey towards packaging for a better earth.

Bronze Standard – Recyclable

The Naturpac Bronze Standard includes an industry leading range of recyclable alternative packaging options.

Learn more about this range and its potential impact worldwide today.

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Silver Standard – Biodegradable

The Naturpac Silver Standard represents our biodegradable range. This tier is a stepping stone from goodness to greatness.

Learn more today about the biodegradable products in this range and their impact.

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Latest News

Naturpac sets the standard for change in ethical packaging. We are all on a journey towards packaging for a better earth.

Why is Environmental Education so Important to Children

It’s more important than ever to teach children about the environment and sustainability – not only in school but also at home.

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Why Recycling is not Enough to Solve our Plastic Issue

Taking our plastic to the recycling bin makes us feel like we are taking care of our planet. But only 9% of the global plastic is actually recycled.

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The Importance of Environmental Packaging and its Uses Around the World

We need packaging. But we also need sustainable packaging. All around the world, consumers are becoming worried about the impact that packaging causes on the environment.

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