The Naturpac Gold Standard is the goal. Long term we must strive for compostable solutions. Learn more about this range and its potential impact worldwide today.

Naturpac Sinclair Eco Label

Gold Standard Packaging Range

Assessment Criteria

Truly Compostable

Naturpac works with all industry governing bodies to ensure not only the products in its range adhere to mandates, but also that we are constantly striving to refine and improve these mandates.

Supply Chain Compatability

J-Tech Systems and Naturpac have over 50 years of expertise in supply packaging provision. Naturpac lines are selected based on how non disruptive and collaborative their introduction can be.

For a Better Earth

Above all else, every line that is introduced into the Naturpac range must support a common goal. It must be For a Better Earth. The materials, processes, producers and partners must all be working to this common goal.

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