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So, why does plastic packaging matter?

Of all plastic packaging produced each year 75% is waste

Of this 58M tonnes of plastic waste only 14% is recycled

This results in our oceans containing roughly 1 tonne of plastic to every 3 tonnes of fish

and the average person ingesting roughly 5g of plastic every week

Naturpac is offering consumers the power to choose ethically at shelf. Driving packaging for a better earth.

Our Mission

Produce Less Plastic Waste

At Naturpac we are motivated to drive our partners throughout the grocery supply chain to consider ways to use less plastics, instead exploring recyclable, biodegradable and ultimately compostable options.

Drive a Recycling Revolution

We are working with retailers, local government partners, schools and University research institutes to identify the best ways to educate the consumers of today and of tomorrow on the benefits and ways to save our planet through recycling practices.

Think Beyond Recycling

We are challenging ourselves, our partners and our peers to strive beyond recycling. We recognise that recycling is not the end goal. We need to aim for compostable solutions that are focused on the betterment of the earth, every step of the way.

Our Method

It is Naturpac's mission to change the way people think about packaging. We need to move away from an autopilot frame of mind, and towards a positive choice for change.

Based in Australia and New Zealand, we plan to start locally and build a funnel of change where businesses start by transitioning to Bronze level packaging options. However, at the other end of the funnel – we hope one day to see people striving to make all of their packaging choices centre around compostable options.

Partnering Suppliers

Naturpac is working with supply partners large and small to champion better packaging choices.

Challenging Retail

Naturpac is looking to partner with Australia's largest retailers to deliver promotional & education programs.

Educating Consumers

It is Naturpac's commitment to focus on changing the behavioural habits of tomorrow's consumer households.

Our Goal

Leading by Example

Our parent company, J-Tech Systems is one of Australia’s largest packaging providers for the Fresh Produce industry. As such, we are strongly positioned not only to deliver change, but to champion it ourselves.

The Challenge

As a result, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility targets, we are aiming for the following three goals:

0 %
Client uptake by 2030
0 %
YOY level climbs by 2025
0 %
Retailer Adoption Commenced by 2022

Our Journey


Earth Cycle Adoption

J-Tech Systems was an early adopter of environmentally friendly packaging options. Adopting and getting behindĀ Earth Cycle Punnets at the earliest stage.



Eco Label Innovation

J-Tech Systems started investing in compostable labelling and label backing many years ago, and continues to do so.



RPET Pioneers

Back in 2016 J-Tech signed on as a pioneer pilot partner with INFIA to trial and roll out their earliest RPET product lines.



Aiming Bigger

An organisational rethink in 2017 triggered two main motivators for J-Tech systems: Do better by our supply chain, do better by our environment.



100% RPET Provider

Following two years of scaling with INFIA, J-Tech became the first 100% RPET provider in Australia.



Naturpac Launch

As a finalist for the PMA-ANZ tech innovation awards, J-Tech was given the stage to announce its intentions to continue to do better by its supply chain, and better by the environment.

It announced the launch of Naturpac in December 2020.



Naturpac Assist Launch

Realising that to drive change across the supply chain support would be needed, Naturpac launched theĀ Naturpac Assist program at Hort Connections 2021.

The program was aimed to offer support to businesses keen to change but without the capability to source funding / expertise to drive this change.



EcoChoice Launch

Following the considerable response from LEAs and Local Councils, Naturpac launched a digital version of its Educational offering EcoChoice.

The platform was showcased at Hort Connections 2022 and offers environmental learning for completion in the home at a self-serve rate.