100% Recycled R-PET – Naturpac Bronze

100% Recycled R-PET guarantees sustainability at every level. A perfect win-win for everyone!

100% of our punnets, clamshells and lids are made using plastics that have been recycled after consumer use – they are 100% Recycled R-PET

100% Recycled R-PET is environmentally sustainable and dramatically reduces the environmental impact from the manufacture of virgin plastics. It re-uses plastics in the manufacturing process that have been super-cleaned and are 100% recycled, safe and sustainable.

Our supply partner Infia, has invested heavily in machinery and R&D over recent years to deliver packaging that has the same transparency, resistance and quality as those made from virgin raw material and importantly, it’s economically sustainable for use in every packhouse.

100% Recycled R-PET – guaranteed sustainability at every level. Now that’s a perfect win-win for everyone!

100% Recycled R-PET at a Glance

  • Environmentally sustainable
  • High quality product transparency and resistance
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Dramatically reduced environmental impact
  • Re-uses end-of-life plastics
  • Super-cleaned recycling process EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) authorised

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