Sinclair Ecolabel® Fruit Stickers

Sinclair EcoLabel® is a food-safe, certified compostable fresh produce fruit label.
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Sinclair EcoLabel®  is a food-safe, certified compostable fresh produce packaging label predominantly used as a fruit label.

The entire label construction meets EN 13432 standard for compostable and biodegradable packaging and is independently certified by TÜV Austria under OK compost – Industrial and Seedling certifications.

All Sinclair labels are made from food-safe materials and are supplied on Sinclair EcoLiner® backing paper, which is certified compostable, meeting EN 13432 requirements and holding certifications for OK compost — Industrial & Seedling.

This range of fruit label Ecolabels are suitable for:

Apples | Apricots | Kiwifruit | Nectarines | Pears | Plums | Stone Fruit


Sustainable Materials Made from renewable and compostable materials, Sinclair Ecolabel™ reduces environmental impact and supports sustainable practices.

Compostable & Biodegradable Fruit labels that break down naturally, leaving no harmful residues, and are compostable, making them a perfect choice for growers, packhouses and retailers looking for ecofriendly options.

Versatile & Reliable Designed for a variety of fresh produce, Sinclair Ecolabel™ maintains adhesion and legibility throughout the supply chain.

Certified Sustainability These sustainable fruit labels are certified by leading environmental standards, ensuring you meet your sustainability goals and regulatory requirements


Naturpac* is proud to be the exclusive distributor for the Sinclair EcoLabel® , in Australia and New Zealand.


BRCGS Certitification Logo Sinclair Ecolabels Naturpac

BRCGS certification is the Global Standard for Food Safety and covers packaging and packaging materials, storage and distribution for consumer products. The BRCGS sets the benchmark for good manufacturing practices and helps provide assurance that products are safe, legal and of high quality.




Reduced Environmental Footprint

Sinclair Ecolabel™ helps you lower your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.

Consumer Confidence

Boost consumer trust and loyalty with visible commitment to sustainable practices.

Excellent Performance

Enjoy reliable performance, no slippage and ultimate durability without compromising on environmental integrity.

Customisable Solutions

Customise the Sinclair Ecolabel™ fruit label to fit your specific branding and packaging needs.


Technical Gallery

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Label performance is paramount. From initial application, to cold-store, through supply chain, to the retailers’ shelves and on disposal by consumers. Our range of Ecolabel™ fruit stickers are all ‘OK compost’ certified so you can trust end-of-life eco-friendly performance.

Being fully compostable, the Ecolabel™ fruit stickers by Sinclair, meet the criteria of our Naturpac Gold Standard and Silver Standard packaging range.


Sinclair EcoLabel®

Sinclair Labels have been manufacturing superior quality, fresh food safe fruit stickers and fruit labels that are used in high-speed applications since 1982. Their first compostable fruit sticker EcoLabel® was launched in 2014, and in 2019, they launched the world’s first OK compost-certified label. Today, Sinclair Labels have a range of industrial and home compostable fruit label solutions that meet global legislative and packaging standard requirements.

Additional Information

What does ‘a certified label construction’ mean?

To construct a fruit label 3 components are used – adhesive, face stock and inks. If the label components used to manufacture a label are individually certified for home composting it does not mean the resulting construction is an industrial or home compostable label construction. A manufactured label must have its finished construction – face stock, adhesive and inks together – tested and passed to be able to apply for, and achieve, ‘OK compost HOME’ certification.

What is the difference between compostable and biodegradable?

Compostable products by definition are biodegradable. However, compostable products must also break down, or become part of usable, soil enriching compost in a safe and timely manner in an appropriate composting facility or home compost pile.

Biodegradable products must return to nature, disintegrating or disappearing completely. A biodegradable product may be broken down by microorganisms, but this does not necessarily imply that the product can be converted into a soil-nurturing compost.

This disintegration is not bound by time and does not need to enhance quality. Metallic or toxic residue from materials is often released in the return-to-nature process and is still considered part of biodegradation.

Are Ecolabel™ compostable fruit labels food safe?

Ecolabel™ meets all EU and FDA food safety requirements for direct contact onto fresh produce.

Sinclair Labels have very high standards for food safety and quality. As regulations change, there has been an increase in demand for supplier questionnaires and corresponding food safety requests. Naturpac supports customer’s food safety programs by providing a Quality Assurance and Food Safety (QAFS) and Declarations of Compliance.

What is the difference between ‘OK compost INDUSTRIAL’ and ‘OK compost HOME’?

Products that are solely OK compost INDUSTRIAL certified are those that compost only in industrial composting facilities (at temperatures between 55 to 60°C), so products that are solely OK compost INDUSTRIAL certified should not go into the garden compost.

Conversely, ‘OK compost HOME’ refers to products that also compost at lower temperatures, so they can go into the compost heap in a garden at home.

Zespri Case Study: Ecolabel Fruit Labels in action

Kiwifruit marketer Zespri International began trialling the Sinclair Ecolabel™ prototype in 2010.

Zespri’s Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer Carol Ward said Zespri was thrilled to have worked alongside Sinclair to develop the new labels, and to be the first to adopt them on all organic Zespri Kiwifruit starting next season.

“Zespri is committed to sustainability, including making sure we better protect our environment, and this is another important step forward for us, helping to further reduce our environmental impact. We know our consumers want to see this sort of innovation and this is an important part of our mission to help communities and the environment thrive through the goodness of kiwifruit.”

Following certification of the new Sinclair Ecolabel™ in 2019, Zespri has continued working with Sinclair on trials of the new Sinclair Ecolabel™on its green and gold kiwifruit. The label’s performance has demonstrated that the new EcoLabel high-speed application performance is excellent.

The Sinclair Story

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