Flow-Fresh® Flow Wrap

Flow-Fresh® has got all the benefits of flow wrap plus it’s breathable and will work on your existing machinery.
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Breathable Flow-Fresh® flow wrap packaging combines the benefits and speed of flow wrap with a breathable centre mesh panel.

Naturpac Flow-Fresh® Flow Wrap is suitable for:

Apples | Apricots | Kiwifruit | Nectarines | Peaches | Pears | Plums | Stonefruit


Flow-Fresh® Flow Wrap at a Glance

  • Combines flow wrap and breathable mesh in one roll
  • The mesh centre panel is bonded to the flow wrap film in pre-made rolls
  • Can be used on all existing flow wrap machines without changing current machine settings
  • Reduces ethylene production and humidity


The mesh panel lets the produce breathe and reduces ethylene production and humidity to give a longer shelf life to fresh produce.

The Flow-Fresh® mesh centre panel is bonded to the flow wrap film in pre-made rolls and can be used on all existing flow wrap machines without changing current machine settings.



Broad size tolerance

Flow-Fresh® can accommodate a variety of product shapes and sizes.

Airtight seals

The seals formed by the Flow-Fresh®  keep out air and moisture to preserve the freshness of the packaged products, resulting in longer shelf lives.

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The Flow-Fresh Flow Wrap range is fully recyclable and meets the criteria of our Naturpac Bronze Standard packaging range.

Sustainability Impact

Reduced Plastic Usage

Flow-Fresh® uses minimal material compared to traditional clamshell packaging, significantly reducing plastic waste. This lean approach to packaging helps decrease the environmental footprint of fresh produce packaging.

Recyclable Materials

Flow-Fresh® films and mesh are made from recyclable materials, contributing to a circular economy. This ensures that the packaging can be reused and repurposed, reducing the strain on natural resources and minimizing waste.

Lower Carbon Footprint

The efficiency of Flow-Fresh® packaging in protecting and preserving produce reduces the need for frequent transportation and storage, which in turn lowers greenhouse gas emissions associated with logistics. Additionally, lightweight flow wrap reduces fuel consumption during transportation.

Food Waste Reduction

By extending the shelf life of fresh produce, Flow-Fresh® helps reduce food waste. Less spoiled produce means fewer resources wasted in production, transportation, and disposal, leading to a more sustainable food supply chain.

Additional Information

Flow-Fresh® flow wrap on peaches and stonefruit on a bench

Key Benefits of Flow-Fresh® Flow Wrap for Fresh Produce Packaging

Superior Fruit and Vegetable Protection

Flow-Fresh® provides a robust barrier against contaminants, physical damage, and environmental factors such as moisture and oxygen. This ensures that fruits and vegetables reach consumers in pristine condition, maintaining their natural appearance and nutritional value.

Extended Freshness

By utilising modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) techniques, Flow-Fresh® can control the internal environment, reducing the respiration rate of produce. This helps to extend shelf life significantly, reducing food waste and ensuring that consumers enjoy fresher produce for longer periods.


Flow-Fresh® can accommodate a wide variety of fresh produce, from delicate berries to robust apples. The flexibility in packaging sizes and shapes allows for customized solutions that meet the specific needs of different fruits and vegetables.

Enhanced Presentation

With Flow-Fresh® produce can be presented in an attractive and appealing manner. Clear, high-quality film allows consumers to see the freshness of the produce, while customizable printing options enable branding and product information to be prominently displayed.

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