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Paper People Paperlock™ paper pouches leading the world in automated paper food packaging solutions.
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Revolutionising Sustainable Food Paper Pouches Packaging

When the challenge of developing sustainable and recyclable packaging arose, The Paper People stepped up, bringing you the groundbreaking Paperlock™ technology. Their innovative, patent-pending Paperlock™ heat sealing technology is leading the world in automated paper food packaging solutions with a variety of options for Paper Pouches.

Paperlock™ is 100% plastic free packaging. These paper pouches packaging for the fresh food industry are made from 100% recyclable wood pulp and sourced from sustainable and renewable forests. Paperlock™ paper pouches provide a sustainable packaging solution that can be fully customised, including full colour printing to ensure your fruit and vegetables stand out on the shelf, are fully protected and encased in a natural breathable sustainable package.

Paperlock™ Paper Pouches are ideal for packaging: Apples | Capsicum | Grapes | Lemons | Limes | Mandarins | Onions


Sustainable & Recyclable: Paperlock™ paper pourches are certified 100% recyclable, offering a sustainable alternative to plastic without compromising on sealing strength.

FDA Approved: The Paperlock™ technology is FDA approved for direct food contact, ensuring safety and compliance.

Fresh Produce Innovation: Specifically designed for fresh produce, Paperlock™ paper pouches have proven so successful they are now used across various food applications, including pet food, frozen foods, snacks, confectionery, and more.

Barrier Solutions: Available in formulas to meet specific packaging needs such as grease barrier, moisture barrier, oxygen barrier, or a simple heat seal.

Optional Window: Windows can be added to all paper pouches, allowing consumers to see product yet still allowing whole package to be recycled i.e., no need to remove the mesh window material


Naturpac* is the exclusive distributor of Paperlock™ paper pouches and packaging products in Australia and New Zealand.

Paperlock™ was developed with several major retailers over the past two years, The Paper People’s innovative new paper pouches packaging gives you visibility, high graphics, automation, recyclability, compostability, and a host of paper packaging designs that were once only available in plastics.

The best part is it will run on your existing equipment without major changes or requirements for expensive paper-only equipment.

Whether you require vertical form fill and seal, stand-up pouch, quad seal, or horizontal seals, The Paper People has an innovative heat-sealable paper package that’s just right for you.


Strong & Effective Sealing: Enjoy precise heat sealing that rivals plastic, without the environmental drawbacks.

No Migration Issues: The unique application ensures no unwanted smells or migration, maintaining the integrity and flavour of your produce.

Certified Recyclable: Integrates seamlessly into recycling systems, reducing waste and supporting ecofriendly practices.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Achieve great looking packages that reflect your commitment to sustainability and quality and meet retailer specifications.

Fully Customisable & Flexible:  Size and format can be customised to suit equipment, crate size and or retail shelf display requirements. It can be supplied as roll stock to run on existing vertical form fill seal equipment, or alternatively premade bags and pouches to be hand filled and sealed

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Why Choose Paper Pouches for Your Packaging Needs?

Recyclable and Renewable Resource

Paper is universally recognised as a “green package” with a ready-made recycling stream and high consumer confidence.

According to the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), paper and cardboard packaging have a recycling rate of over 60%, highlighting its strong presence in sustainable practices.

Superior Light Protection and Natural Absorption

Ideal for fresh produce, paper packaging offers superior light protection and natural absorption characteristics, essential for maintaining product quality.

Automated Production

Paper can be automated for efficient production, integrating seamlessly with existing packaging lines such as form fill seals, stand-up pouches, and wickets. This keeps the transition from plastics to paper affordable.

Reliable Supply and Market Stability

Paper boasts a large international network of manufacturers, ensuring a constant supply with manageable market fluctuations.

Innovative and Competitive

Recent innovations have made paper highly competitive with plastics, thanks to advancements in fiber strength and stretchable products that enhance package integrity.

Retailer and Regulatory Support

Most major retailers are demanding paper solutions to replace plastics and laminated structures. Many countries, including Australia, are eliminating or taxing single-use plastics in favor of paper-based alternatives.

The Future of Paper Pouches: Paperlock by The Paper People

Our Paperlock Paper Packaging Pouches are designed for various fresh produce and food applications, offering strong, precise, and recyclable packaging options.

We also offer Sinclair Ecolabel, a sustainable and eco-friendly labeling solution for fresh produce.

Our line of compostable packaging trays further demonstrates our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Join the movement towards a greener future with Paperlock. Embrace paper packaging for its sustainability, reliability, and innovative edge.

The Paper People

The Paper People paper packaging is a brand renowned for its innovative, sustainable packaging solutions. The Paper People specialises in creating ecofriendly paper packaging made from recycled and biodegradable materials, providing growers, packhouses and retailers with high-quality alternatives to traditional plastic packaging.

Additional Information

Sustainability Awards

Paper People Paper pouches recyclable certificationThe Paper People Paperlock Technology was named a finalist for recyclability for the U.S. Plastics Pact Sustainable Packaging Innovation Awards for the second consecutive year. Finalists were selected based on entries in the Walmart Circular Connector, and the winners were showcased to highlight packaging innovation.

This award was created to showcase innovations that help to keep plastic packaging in the economy and out of the environment and enable progress towards the U.S. Pact’s four targets.

*Naturpac is a subsidiary of J-Tech Systems Pty Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the Jenkins Group


Paperlock Technology In Action

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