Polyethylene Netting (Woven + Extruded)

Netpak polyethylene netting in both woven net and extruded net for fresh fruit and vegetables.
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Netpak Polyethylene Netting offers a comprehensive solution with its range of options, presenting both Woven Net and Extruded Net variations to cater to diverse packaging needs.


Woven polyethylene netting is delivered in food safe square bales and suits all different types of produce. Each bale is 1,350m in length and can  be specially colour matched to your brand, packer or retailer specifications.


Extruded polyethylene netting is available in a number of tube widths for different produce types. The netting comes in 650m roll lengths and can be specially colour matched to packer or retailer specifications.

This innovative polyethylene netting proves to be an indispensable asset when it comes to safeguarding a plethora of produce including:

Apples, Apricots, Avocados, Capsicum, Kiwifruit, Lemons, Limes, Nectarines, Plums, and most Stonefruit.


Polyethylene netting stands out as an exceptional choice in agriculture and packaging due to its unique combination of properties and advantages over other materials:

Durability and Longevity

Polyethylene (PE) netting is known for its high tensile strength providing robust protection for fresh produce.​​

Cost Effective & Affordable Production

The large scale production and widespread availability of polyethylene netting ensures costs are kept down for retailers, growers and pack houses.


Polyethylene netting can be tailored to different sizes and shapes, accommodating a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Suitable for Most Retailers

Polyethylene netting is suitable for majority of major and minor retailers. If you are not sure if this product meets your retailers specifications, we can provide all information needed in a no obligation consultation.


Naturpac* has distribution rights to the Netpack range of polyethylene netting in Australia and New Zealand.

Naturpac polyethlylene netting for fruit and vegetables spec chart

INTERESTED TO MAKE THE CHANGE?: If you are interested to look at transitioning your packaging to the Netpak polyethylene netting packaging range, we have options available to help minimise the cost implications.



Woven Polyethylene Netting

Woven nets have the best loss/resistance ratio, which is why they are the most widely used solution for packaging citrus fruit, even in large formats.

Extruded Polyethylene Netting

Extruded nets have always been regarded as the premium nets because they make the produce colourful and cover product imperfections more than any other nets.


Polyethylene netting provides excellent ventilation, helping to maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables by preventing moisture buildup and reducing the risk of spoilage. This breathability is crucial for extending the shelf life of fresh produce​.

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Additional Information

Benefits of Netpak Woven Polyethylene Netting at a Glance

  • Available in any colour and can be matched for special orders
  • Red, Green, Yellow, Purple and Orange colours are always in stock at all times
  • Woven net reduces the amount of packaging and environmental impact
  • Polyethylene (PE)


Made from: Polyethylene (PE)
Colours: Red, green, yellow, purple and orange. Black is available by special order
For NK42 Bags
Full bale: 1,350 metres
Full box: 1 box = 4,050 metres
Pallet: 1 pallet = 30 boxes = 121,500m
Pallet weight: 850kg
For NK48 Bags
Full bale: 1,500 metres
Full box: 1 box = 4,500 metres
Pallet: 1 pallet = 30 boxes = 135,000
Pallet weight: 850kg

Benefits of Netpak Extruded Polyethylene Netting at a Glance

  • Available in any colour and can be matched for special orders
  • Orange or red colours are always in stock at all times
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Variety of tube widths


Made from: Polyethylene (PE)
Colours: Orange and red in stock or any colour by special order
Full roll: 650 metres
Fill pallet: 1 Pallet = 36 rolls = 23,400m
Tube specifications: Tube Ø 75 mm – net Ø15
Tube Ø 80/90 mm – net Ø17
Tube Ø 103 mm – net Ø21
Tube Ø 160 mm – net Ø41

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