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The breathable natural nets keep consumers’ produce fresher for 2 or 3 days longer.


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Saved by nature.


As we began to turn our vision of a plastic-free future into reality, the idea of making net packaging out of cellulose fibres was a revolutionary concept. Meanwhile, our Packnatur® Cellulose Tube Netting made from LENZING™ Modal beechwood cellulose has been put to the test thousands of times on the market. Onions, potatoes and limes are not the only things that look good in nets. As a market leader, price leader and quality leader, VPZ’s future in nets looks good, too! The Packnatur® Cellulose Tube Netting has been introduced in many leading supermarket chains in Europe, as well as on the international market. We also supply packaging companies with a full range of products, from tube netting to organic wineglass labels.

  • 100% BIO-BASED
  • 0% WASTAGE


Ø 250 mm 54 mm 200 lfm (Manschette) 15 Man = 3.000lfm
Ø 200 mm 50 mm 200 lfm (Manschette) 15 Man = 3.000lfm
Ø 165 mm 38 mm 100 lfm (Manschette) 40 Man = 4.000lfm
Ø 90 mm 22 mm 100 lfm (Manschette) 60 Man = 6.000lfm
Spun-dying is simply better


Compared to conventional dyeing, where dye is transferred to the finished fibres, spun-dyed fibres require 64% less water, 90% fewer chemicals, 20% less energy and 62% less heating, while producing 64% less waste water. The pigments are fully integrated in the fibres themselves, rendering them suitable for food use.

The Packnatur® Cellulose Tube Netting by VPZ is biodegradable and certified with the “OK compost HOME” label for Europe and the USA.

Naturally smart


The breathable natural nets keep consumers’ produce fresher for 2 or 3 days longer and prevent the premature sprouting of potatoes and onions. The packaging is soft to the touch and looks very natural.

The Packnatur® cellulose net is compostable, allowing it to re-enter the food life cycle. Food that is no longer fit for sale can be disposed of in its packaging.

Made in Austria. Used all over the world.


The majority of the value chain is located within Europe, with the largest part in Austria. This ensures quick delivery and minimises transport for the European market. VPZ relies on a network of selected retailers for the international market, which uses economies of scale to keep prices as low as possible and ensures the quickest delivery times.

Our factory in Neudau (Austria) was opened in 2019. Together with our partner, we have brought our machines up to the latest technological standards.We consider it essential to comply with the strictest quality standards when it comes to our raw materials, technologies, manufacturing processes, hygiene practices and working conditions.

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Because of our new sales partner jenkins freshpac systems new zealand our packnatur® cellulose net tubes made of lenzing™ modal beechwood cellulose are now also available in supermarkets on the other side of the planet – in new zealand.
It's more important than ever to teach children about the environment and sustainability - not only in school but also at home.
Taking our plastic to the recycling bin makes us feel like we are taking care of our planet. But only 9% of the global plastic is actually recycled.

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