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The Paper People

Paper People lead the world in automated paper food packaging solutions.


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The Paper People LLC management team has a combined total of 150 plus years experience in the packaging industry. This diverse group of entrepreneurial thinkers brings experience in paper, corrugated, plastics, laminating, printing, converting and distribution.

The company was established in 2019 as a result of a pressing retail demand for an automated, 100 percent recyclable/compostable package. Armed with industry leading technology and partners, The Paper People LLC is uniquely positioned to establish a leading role in the developing sustainable global packaging industry.



Paperlock LogoWhen the food packaging industry was challenged to develop sustainable, recyclable packaging, one small company in northern Wisconsin stepped up to the task. Today, The Paper People LLC and its innovative patent pending Paperlock™ heat sealing technology, leads the world in automated paper food packaging solutions.

Developed together with industry partners, Paperlock™ has bridged the gap in sustainable food packaging worldwide. Initially produced for the fresh produce industry, Paperlock™ is now being used in a variety of food applications from pet food, frozen food, snack foods, confectionery, overwraps and more.

The Paperlock™ technology provides strong, effective and precise heat sealing, similar to plastics! However; Paperlock™ is certified 100% recyclable and when used with our specially designed papers, gives you a great looking, automated package that can go back into the recycling system without any special requirements. It’s just paper!

Paperlock™ is FDA approved for direct food contact and comes in a variety of formulas specific to your package requirements. Whether you need grease barrier, moisture barrier, oxygen barrier or just a simple heat seal, The Paper People offers a solution for you.

What about “palatability”? Because of the way Paperlock™ is added to the paper, there’s no issue with smells or migration on the food being packaged. It’s simple and amazing!

If you are looking for a certified recyclable, sustainable food package, you’ve come to the right people.

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